Whether you are able to come for the work week or not, please con­sider donating!

To donate, send checks/money orders to 

Ida// Attn:WHSH
904 Vick­ers Hol­low Rd.
Dow­ell­town,TN 37059


Donate to our Pay­pal by press­ing the but­ton below:

We pre­fer dona­tion by check or money order, because we lose a per­cent­age to pro­cess­ing fees on pay­pal, but any and all kinds of dona­tions are welcome!


So the MONEY, HONEY… There is no insti­tu­tion, grant, or major donor fund­ing WHSH — in order to make sure we have all the tools, sup­plies, food, and fun we need for the week, we ask that each par­tic­i­pant fundraise about $200. This can be in the form of cash, check, pay­pal, EBT/foodstamps, and in-kind dona­tions. Why so expen­sive, you ask? We prac­tice finan­cial transparency:


  • WHSH pri­or­i­tizes sup­port­ing local busi­nesses as much as pos­si­ble by using our bud­get at local hard­ware stores and food sup­pli­ers. Our spend­ing in Smithville was not unno­ticed by the local busi­nesses. We are excited to con­tinue our rela­tion­ship with these purveyors.
  • WHSH is thus far funded by all of us who love Ida. We want you to join us in Sept if you can but if not we hope you would con­sider donat­ing money to WHSH.
      • $10 pays a cou­ple boxes of nails
      • $35 pays for some­ones meals for the whole week
      • $100 just pays for a lot of shit


In the past, par­tic­i­pants have come up with a vari­ety of ways to raise these funds, because of course, we can’t all pull $200 out of our pockets.

Want to throw a WHSH ben­e­fit? We’re look­ing for fundrais­ing coor­di­na­tors (one on each coast!) to help con­nect folks and get orga­nized. Get in touch with us at


There are also many upcom­ing events that IDA and our friends have com­ing up if you want to give sup­port in your area! 
Click here to see a list of this year’s fundrais­ing events.


In the past we col­lec­tively raised over $16,000, through reg­is­tra­tion income, lots of fundrais­ing events, and gen­er­ous gifts in response to the invi­ti­a­tion let­ter. This year,  we think we really can do it again.

This is the idea:
  • $20,000 can be easy-breezy if each one of us raises about $200 over the next six months (100 peo­ple x $200 = $20K!).
  • This year, instead of a “reg­is­tra­tion fee”, we’re ask­ing atten­dees to raise an amount that they feel able to com­mit to by the time WHSH rolls around. This could be $60 or this could be $600, we’re hop­ing for an aver­age of about $200 per per­son. We’re com­mit­ted to keep­ing WH/SH self-funded, and also mak­ing sure it’s acces­si­ble to com­mu­nity mem­bers regard­less of income level.
  • The money goes into the col­lec­tive pool and at the end, we’ve all made this gift to Ida (and to each other) together! - web fonts free download. See this Wordpress fonts plugin