We here at WHSH like to make work charm­ing, glam­orous, and delight­ful as pos­si­ble. What more impor­tant task to add the FUN back into than…Fundraising!

Below are a list of some fundrais­ing ideas we came up with to help stoke the fires of cre­ativ­ity as we all work together to make this event hap­pen. You’ll see a descrip­tion of the idea, the amount of money we can put for­ward to help you get started, and the approx­i­mate amount we think such an event could return.

And please, con­tact us to let us know about good resources for learn­ing how to bring it in!

If you’re going to do an event, please let us know!


The basics of an anything-a-thon are that you think of some­thing that takes some effort to do for a longer dura­tion of time, break it down into units of work done, and get peo­ple to pledge money for each unit you com­plete. A swim-a-thon, for instance, bro­ken into laps. Every­one pays you per-lap and you swim ’til you drop (or dead-man’s-float, rather). Even bet­ter when a group of peo­ple will all be –thon­ing. Other –a-thons? Try: dance-, juggle-, hump-, masturbate-, sew-, fix-, jog-, bake-, paint-, or thong-.

SEED $$: Lez discuss/strategize
BRINGS IN: $200-$800

Car­nal Carnie Carnival

Ole! A car­ni­val night (or week­end!) in someone’s back– and side-yards is a thrill within a thrill. Card­board, scrap wood, “oops” paint, bean bags, darts, balloons…these are the mak­ings of a hell of a party. Charge for tick­ets or tokens to play the games with and get every­body dressed UP for the fair. You can also sell con­cessions and even encour­age peo­ple to cruise each other like they did as pre-teens at the state fair! Get car­nal with the carnies!

SEED $: $150
BRINGS IN: $400-$1000

Daddy needs a new pair of ______! (Casino-themed event)

A thrilling evening of high-stakes and low­ered ℗antes. Speakeasy, Proud Mary, and Reno themes all bring in the fun. Encour­age dress-up! Think of new games–it’s fun to “bet” on all sorts of things, not just dogs and roulette wheels…Also, gam­bling is ille­gal or tightly reg­u­lated in many states. Con­sider this, please. [$150/$300-$1200]

Dance Party

A clas­sic FUNdraiser, we sug­gest hav­ing a theme and a con­test to really get peo­ple fired up. In our expe­ri­ence, sliding-scale doors work best ($5-$15 a head) and a donations-based bar really ups the ante (and don’t for­get the mock­tails!), as do drink spe­cials. Get your favorite DJs to vol­un­teer and find old tro­phies at the thrift store as prizes for the con­test win­ners. Dance-off? Cos­tume con­test? Yodel­ing competition?…and how long has it been since you threw a really good Dirty Dancing-themed event? Just sayin’…

SEED $: $150
BRING IN: $350-$900

Dar­ing for Dollars

The dou­ble excla­ma­tion points might have given it away: this is a very excit­ing event, indeed. We pro­pose it as a party in a park or back yard. The basic idea is that peo­ple dare you and a group of your friends to do things for money. Make a spec­ta­cle of it! Get some good props ready, plan a few dares that you know you’re up for, and give peo­ple lead time to think of their own and get excited: have a mini brain­storm ses­sion every time you hand over a flyer. On the day of, con­sider an emcee to make sure each dare has a good lead-up and bid­ding process. Con­sider dif­fer­ent stage per­sonae for each dare-ee. And send us photos!

SEED $: $25-$50
BRING IN: $200-$10,000 ($1,000,000 for inde­cent proposal)

Gayla Din­ner

This is a very suc­cess­ful model for a lot of non­prof­its. Get some chefly friend(s) to donate time and local gro­cers to donate food. Find a good, large space you can cheaply fanc-ify and make the evening out­right charm­ing with some musi­cal accom­pa­ni­ment (and maybe a silent auc­tion?). Charge a set price per head ($20-$30 is our sug­ges­tion) and admis­sion includes a multi-course meal and cocktail/mocktail as well as dessert and all the delight­ful entertainment!

SEED $: $75–125
BRING IN: $350-$1000

Get it Up to Rinse it Down (car/bike/shoe wash)

Lordy knows how …dirty… everyone’s trans­porta­tion gets in the hot, dusty sum­mer­time. What sounds more appeal­ing than a gag­gle of bril­liant queers on the side of the road, soap­ing every­thing up and rins­ing it down? Last sum­mer, Austin pulled $250 out of a wash. Our sug­gested prices: $10/car, $20/large vehi­cle, $50/sensual wash, $3 shoe wash, $15 sen­sual shoe wash…get between the toes!

SEED $: $50
BRING IN:$200-$300

Hand Jobs

We’re not sug­gest­ing you engage in any sort of ille­gal activ­ity. If some­one should, how­ever, pay you for your time and company…and after that paid period were over, you two, con­sent­ing adults were to engage in con­sen­sual, unpaid activity…and you were to feel so good about this that you donated your pre­vi­ous earn­ings to WHSH…well, then it would be a lovely thing you had done. [unre­lat­edly, we have a small lube fund for the sake of safer sex prac­tices and could kick you $25 if you needed lube for…you know…whatever.]

Hit the Auc­tion Block

DoIheartenI’vegottendoIheartwentyI’vegottwenty?! Yet another stand-alone or combine-able event, the auc­tion can look a lot of ways. It begins with your friends and local busi­nesses offer­ing valu­able or inter­est­ing things on dona­tion and then moves right on up to the char­ac­ter of the event itself. Maybe you know a very engag­ing and hilar­i­ous auc­tion­eer? Per­haps you’re throw­ing a gayla event and the sweet char­ity of a silent auc­tion would be a good fit? Maybe you have a bevy of hot friends and a big­ger bevy of hot-to-trot poten­tial donors? Solu­tion: date auc­tion! Any which way, it helps to have some ringers to push things to the next level, or three. And make it fun! [$25/$300-$2000]

Howdy, Pard­ner (Part­ner with a local business)

Got a bar­tender friend? Run a fem­i­nist sex shop? Part­ner with a busi­ness to donate a per­cent­age of its sales on a par­tic­u­lar day to the cause. Adver­tise the flam­ing heck out of it and get every­body to show up and get fiscal!

SEED $: $25
BRINGS IN: $300-$600

A Lovely Gar­den Party

Ladies, dandies, and the rest of us, lis­ten up! Tea and cro­quet? In need of a crum­pet? How about a very fancy cock­tail with which to soothe your del­i­cate nerves on this lovely, sunny after­noon? Is that a lace parisol? How lovely…$5-$15 door, donation-based fancy cock­tails (write us for recipe ideas), deli­cious snacks and acoustic per­form­ers, $1 crumpets.

SEED $$: $150
BRINGS IN: $500-$800

Pretty, Pretty Pic­tures (Portraiture)

Here’s another that can be com­bined with oth­ers for “added value” (gar­den party, car­ni­val, leather party). Got artis­tic skills? Widely know to lack artis­tic skills? Do portrai­ture for pay! Set up a draw­ing or paint­ing or photo booth with props and cos­tumes and sell portraits.

SEED $: $50

Queer Eye for the House­wares (Yard Sale)

Last year, Philly raised almost $500 at a weekend-long yard sale. How could this be, you ask? Well, we queers just have the best stuff. Even our cast­aways are so gorgeous/interesting/odd/necessary to have and hold that peo­ple sim­ply could not stay away! Also, many of us are hoard­ers. Metaphors about birds, stones, and bushes are yours to conjure.

SEED $: $25

A Queer Night at the The­atre (Movie Night)

Throw a ben­e­fit? Why not throw a the­ater! It’s pretty easy, actu­ally. If you don’t know some­one with a video pro­jec­tor, we have seed money to help rent one for the night. Find a movie every­one loves, ask them to dress up, charge for tick­ets and treats (pop­corn, pizza, bevvies, candy, cup­cakes…!), maybe hold a cos­tume con­test, and encour­age back-row bump­ing for the late show.

SEED $$: $25 not includ­ing rental fees
BRINGS IN: $150-$400


A WHAT?! Why, I never, ever hear of peo­ple doing those! This lovely clas­sic of grass­roots fundrais­ing is a real mon­ey­maker and can be com­bined with any of these other things. Call your friends and local busi­nesses to get dona­tions. Sell tick­ets in clus­ters for a slight sav­ings. Make a spec­ta­cle of the draw­ing. Get a cou­ple of really good prizes so peo­ple stay inter­ested. And have you con­sid­ered a 50/50 raf­fle? Sell the tick­ets for pricier ($5 or more) and the win­ner gets half the money collected!

SEED $: $25
BRINGS IN: $100-$500

Shoe Shines/Leather Party

Get on your knees and buff ‘em. Ben­e­fit leather care sta­tion, drinks and mock­tails, instruc­tional sem­i­nars, a con­test, spank­ing booth, etc. Explore the myr­iad links between per­vi­ness and fis­cal gain.

SEED $: $25-$75
BRINGS IN: $200-$500

Skills to Pay the Bills (Workshops)

Take your and your friends’ exten­sive prac­ti­cal skill sets and put them to fur­ther use. Set up day-long, half-day, or recur­ring train­ings in prac­ti­cal skills. Offer one-on-one courses or group events. A ten-person, day-long class in basic car­pen­try could be a steal at $45 a head and would bring in $450 or more. Some pos­si­ble class/workshop ideas: car­pen­try, yoga, plumb­ing, leather­work, BDSM skills, writ­ing work­shops, pub­lic speak­ing course, singing work­shops, herbs and tinc­tures, and more!

SEED $: $50-$100
BRINGS IN: $300-$1000


Put the “ahhhh” back in spa. This one can be set up in someone’s nice house for the day. Find friends to vol­un­teer their mani/pedi, mas­sage, accupunc­ture, wax­ing, hair­styling, and other such skills. Charge admis­sion ($25–50 slid­ing) or Charge good prices per ser­vice ($10 mani, $15 mani/pedi, $15 hair­cuts, $20 half hour mas­sage, etc.) and have a gay old time. Tweak your pric­ing to make it a good deal for every­body. Also, come up with a really good spa name.

SEED $: $50
BRINGS IN: $300–800

The Straight­est Thing Going (a Heart­felt Appeal)

Don’t let the straight­ness fool you: this one is no less than rev­o­lu­tion­ary. Write a heart­felt, respect­ful, empow­ered let­ter (or make a call) to peo­ple you know who can afford to help make this hap­pen. This is about part­ner­ship and sol­i­dar­ity, not char­ity. Bring peo­ple in and ask for their col­lab­o­ra­tion: straight–up. Often, this is one of the most effec­tive forms of fundrais­ing and one of the most efficient.

SEED $: ask if you could use seed money
$300-$2000 or more

Work Hard… Work Hard

The skills we use to fund our daily lives are the ones we’re best at mar­ket­ing. Can you afford to donate a day of your work to the work we’ll be doing together in the fall? If not, how about offer­ing a ben­e­fit day of yard work/house cleaning/handypersoning to peo­ple in your com­mu­nity who can con­tribute? (Want to up the ante? Con­sider sexy handyperson/house clean­ing for extra dol­lars and extra fun.)

SEED $: $25
BRINGS IN: $200-$500

Ye Olde (harde) Lemon­ade Stand/Sprinkler Partye

Hot out? What could spell refresh­ment like a hose-down and a tall, frosty glass of lemon­ade? Noth­ing. Sim­ply noth­ing. Jazz up your stand with man­i­cures, lavender-infused lemon­ade, alco­hol, a blender, and one of those fancy sprin­klers that does two or three dif­fer­ent things!

SEED $: $25-$50
BRINGS IN: $150-$350

If you have big­ger, bet­ter ideas, we want those! Accord­ingly, if there’s a fundrais­ing project you need some seed money for, get a hold of us and we’ll work out a plan. Questions?

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