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Work Hard is Sep­tem­ber 13–21 2014 and it’s our 5th anniversary! 

(That’s the wood anniver­sary, in case you’re won­der­ing what to give us.)

Hey, you. Are you ask­ing your­self that dread­ful and thrilling beginning-of-summer ques­tion we all get to ask­ing this time of year? “Is Work Hard hap­pen­ing this year?”

Well hold on to your hats, because it’s hap­pen­ing and it’s hap­pen­ing, man.

Sep­tem­ber 13th through 21st this year we’ll be cel­e­brat­ing our fifth Work Hard

In honor of this, our wood anniver­sary, we’re call­ing it Work Hard Stay FUN! All our projects will be focused on the sweet­ness and good times Ida can bring–making Ida more fun and for more peo­ple. The project list is in devel­op­ment, but rest assured you will have no prob­lem help­ing us get wood for our fifth while learn­ing and shar­ing skills in some glo­ri­ous won­derblast of com­mu­ni­tas. Or some­thing like that. It’ll be a good time. Let us know if you have ideas for projects you would like to see or make happen.

So tell your bud­dies (for­ward this as you see fit) and get ready to reg­is­ter! We’ll see you in the woods!

The Work Hard Stay Fun orga­niz­ers
Annie, Ezra, Kas­sidy, Kat, MaxZine, Nadzia, Rayna, Sully, and Yocheved!




Stay Fun is just around the cor­ner and we need your help!

Awww geez! Our fifth anniver­sary (wood, if you’re won­der­ing) is just a few weeks away and we can’t wait to see you in the woods. We are deeply thrilled to say our projects this year are:

–Acces­si­ble Shit­ter near the acces­si­ble camp­ground
–Power/oppression/liberation logis­tics crew!
–Front Barn Floor­ers
–Trail acces­si­bil­ity crew
–Child­care area!
–Main­tain­ing Bridges in Rad­i­cal Com­mu­ni­ties
–Chain­saw Hoo-haa!
–Health­care for you­u­uuu!
–So much deli­cious kitchen witch­ery
–And MORE!

Can you HANDLE IT?!?!? Really? If so, are you com­ing? Have you reg­is­tered?

You’re com­ing, you’ve reg­is­tered, you can–generally–“handle” it, but have you donated? Because our bud­get would dearly love your con­tri­bu­tion, large or small. Con­sider ask­ing some fam­ily or friends with a lit­tle more cash for a few dona­tions (direct asks do won­ders in the fundrais­ing world), throw­ing a Mini Ben­nie, or pass­ing a hat some­time soon. We could use every dime you have to spare.

Our Indie GoGo is here: http://igg.me/at/stayfun

And donate directly to Pay­Pal here:

Wait–you’ve done all that, but have you put your out­fits together yet? This year’s Fri­day Night Hoes-Down will be a real hum-dinger, and you DO NOT want to miss out on the HARD WORK, HEAVY LIFTING, WIDE LOADS theme. What­ever you wear, think BIG.

See you in the woods, lovelies!


The Work Hard Orga­niz­ing crew

Annie, Yocheved, Kat, MaxZine, Nadzia, Rayna, Kas­sidy, and Sully


Charm­ing = How Work Hard Stay Fun is Going! 

Well shoot! We’re three days into work­ing hard and stay­ing fun for the fifth time…

This is only pos­si­ble cuz so many charm­ing folks came up with time and money to make it hap­pen. Thanks a TON to folks who threw in, like:


Charm and kisses to you!

lots of pho­tos are here:




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