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Wel­come to the third WH/SH launch!

We are end­lessly amazed at queer skills and com­mu­nity gen­eros­ity. We are going to Work Hard for Ida, again. Check out this year’s Crews and Reg­is­tra­tion form!

If you’ve ever been able to attend a pre­vi­ous WHSH, please con­sider fill­ing out an ANONYMOUS SURVEY about your expe­ri­ence. The orga­niz­ers are a rotat­ing team of folks who want to pull together a fan­tas­tic event that ful­fills many needs and desires. Please give us some direction!



Work Hard Pinup Cal­en­dars for sale!!

Oh. My. Gaw.…! All those com­plete babes who go sweat their asses off in the woods every fall got all dolled-up and took pho­tos of that sexy mess! I want one!

What!?!? They’re June-to-June and avail­able for only $15?! And they ben­e­fit Work Hard, so my pur­chase of this hot stack of paper goes to make sure peo­ple can do it again? And again.….


WORK HARD / / STAY HARD 2012 is under way!

The hol­low is echo­ing with the sounds of crick­ets, saws, birds, back­hoes, music, gig­gles and ham­mers. The sun is hot and the nights are too, and fierce lov­ing energy is all around us. Thanks for get­ting us here, and keep­ing us going. We’ll be updat­ing the blog with pic­tures and videos soon to keep you going!


The wait is over! You’ve asked for it, you’ve got it. These are the first glimpses of super sexy peo­ple mak­ing hot, sweet infra­struc­ture on the land at IDA. 2012 is a small group, but extremely ded­i­cated. We’re def­i­nitely work­ing hard…and these pics can show you how we’re stay­ing hard.


Grounds crew has been digging

2012 Crew List

Set Up Crew
Sept. 1 — 7

The set-up crew needs about 10 folks who can gather at Ida for the week,  Labor Day Week­end. We will make the most of this national hol­i­day!
Projects include:

  • Deep clean­ing of kitchen and food stor­age areas
  • Orga­niz­ing sup­plies and mate­ri­als (on-land and in storage)
  • Cor­ral, main­tain, and repair the machines and tools we need for WHSH
  • Mow camp­grounds and groom the woods

Wrap Up Crew
Sept. 17 — 23

This is for folks who like a bit of every sort of work. Gen­er­ally, this involves putting the last touches on nearly fin­ished projects, cook­ing or clean­ing for meals, shut­tling to buses and planes, mov­ing our inven­tory into stor­age, mak­ing final trash runs, and gen­er­ally enjoy­ing the gor­geous and beau­ti­ful land in the after­math of our party.

Bike Mechanix 

The front barn has long been home to a jum­ble of bikes in var­i­ous states of dis­re­pair. This Crew will build a per­ma­nent bike repair and stor­age area into the barn, and get as many wheels rollin’ as pos­si­ble.  We are look­ing for a leader for this effort, also some folks who know mechan­ics, also some who are ready to learn.


Keep the youn­gins hydrated, fed, intact, and out of their par­ents’ hair dur­ing work days and evening social events. This is a job for a full time coor­dinator, and for sev­eral oth­ers, depend­ing on how many kid­ders reg­is­ter.  For night events, this crew will need rotat­ing vol­un­teers signed up out of our grand labor pool. The idea is that the crew mem­bers will do much of the care, as well as orga­nize activ­i­ties and orches­trate signup care for party hours.  There are exten­sive and var­i­ous needs for our few, but age-ranged children.

We are look­ing for some­one with expe­ri­ence and good orga­ni­za­tion skills to lead this crew.


This team will work under the IDA Gar­den Coordinator’s direc­tion: plant­ing, weed­ing, har­vest­ing, fence build­ing, and gen­er­ally liv­ing as agri­cul­tural demi-gods among us.


  • Clear over­grown areas and improve the campgrounds.
  • Main­tain and train or learn basic small engine mow­ers, whack­ers, and chainsaws.
  • Improve the acces­si­bil­ity of paths, re-rock Ida’s roads and bridges.
  • Design and make a round-a-bout vehi­cle cir­cle by the back barn.
  • Cut and stack cleared wood for firewood

All kinds of nat­u­ral­ist know-how are use­ful on this squad, and any­one will­ing to bring a gas pow­ered chain­saw is implored to sign up. But really, a strong love of tramp­ing around in the woods and alle­giance to the shovel are the only essen­tial requirements.


Oh ye trained mas­sage ther­a­pists, med­ical pro­fes­sion­als, herbal­ists, acupunc­tur­ists, and other heal­ers! We love that you help us be well!

At this event, we want your help with our sore­ness and scrapes, our emer­gen­cies and long-view perspective…possibly even with men­tal health per­spec­tives? The indi­vid­u­als who apply to this crew will shape the actual resources avail­able. But in gen­eral, the idea is to staff a first-aid sta­tion and pro­vide ser­vices for the workparty.

With luck, all spe­cial­ists will be coor­di­na­tors for their par­tic­u­lar skill, and as a group will sort the com­plex­i­ties of pro­vid­ing some var­ied health ser­vices. Please, write to us with your bright ideas for this part of our event.

Does it seem inter­est­ing to you, but not as a full time gig? We wanted to specif­i­cally extend the option for Health work­ers to split their time between two dif­fer­ent crews.


Hard work­ers need deli­cious break­fast, lunch, and din­ner every sin­gle day. Plus treats and refresh­ments. The Kitchen is a hot, busy place with much lift­ing and stand­ing, plus three dead­lines every day. This mighty task is designed to have coordi­na­tor over­sight and a full-time crew of 12.


It seems that many would like a mas­sage while camp­ing and laboring.

Also, we’ve heard that many are trained and tal­ented in this field.

Pre­vi­ously, some mas­sages we pos­si­ble through the health care tent. For 2012 we would like to find sev­eral prac­ti­cioners will­ing to work, and estab­lish this as a new crew– with a sep­a­rate screened area. Orga­ni­za­tional sup­port, like man­ag­ing sign-up sheets, will still be offered by the health care tent.

Per­haps you’d like to offer mas­sage only half day, or just a cou­ple days of the work week? Fan­tas­tic! Please reg­is­ter for this crew, and ask for a split with some­thing else.

We are look­ing for some­one to lead the Mas­sage Crew.


  • Make pho­to­graphic Ida time­line for web­site, and update the Work Hard web­site dur­ing the event
  • Find and orga­nize the rich moldy media loot stuffed into every cranny of Ida
  • Take pic­tures and video on our work party progress

This group will likely develop other spe­cific projects, accord­ing to who joins and what resources are available.


The Office buzzes and hums all week long: the folks in there are the brains of the oper­a­tion: The office jobs include:

  • Feild­ing the many calls and emails that flood the Ida Boxes dur­ing our event
  • Keep books on WorkHardStayHard
  • Track down info and do research for projecting
  • Help orches­trate crewleader and orga­nizer meet­ings dur­ing the workparty


The Painters are going to paint. Porches, out­houses, stage drops, and sig­nage. Dec­o­ra­tively, sim­ply; for fun and for weatherization.

As part of this effort, the painters will be in charge of updat­ing and stor­ing Ida’s var­i­ous signs.  These go up every year for gath­er­ings, and then gen­er­ally get lost or built into some­thing. The painters will make new ones for the lost, bun­dle them together for stor­age, and per­haps make a guide for the next souls sent out to put up signs.…

Party Patrol

This crew of 2 plan­ners will see to it that the dance par­ties are loud, the social events glam­orous, and the evening enter­tain­ment hap­pens. We’d bet­ter make it a job from the out­set, so that fatigue doesn’t droop our good-time spirit. We need sometwo to man­age the intri­ca­cies of light­ing, dec­o­ra­tion, and a tem­per­me­n­tal sound sys­tem. Tech­ni­cal skills related to lights, PAs, and events plan­ning are espe­cially impor­tant on this job.


The deli­cious water of Ida is entirely sourced by a sin­gle pro­lific spring, some two hun­dred feet up the ridge. Isn’t that frag­ile, and remark­able? The plumb­ing crew are stew­ards of this amaz­ing resource, main­tain­ing the myr­iad fix­tures, joints, drains, and hiccups.

This year, we are look­ing back to the solar shower of WH2010, tweak­ing it for eas­ier func­tion. Also, the plumbers will give the Kitchen an end­less sup­ply of very hot water, by means of an on-demand heater!!

Refuse & Re-use

As we know, Ida can get pretty trashy. The refuse and reuse folks give the place a deep clean­ing, haul­ing dozens of truck­loads out to recy­clers, scrap­metal yards, and the dump. This crew has the best gloves. A truck. And, they were the only crew to make money last year.

Spe­cial Projects

Spe­cial Projects is a new take on float­ing, or mov­ing through the event with an empha­sis on our gathering’s unplanned needs. Some­times things go hay­wire, and Spe­cial Projects are the peo­ple with the flex­i­bil­ity to step in and help on nearly any crew.

Some mem­bers of this crew may choose a solo or small group project that runs the course of the event, while oth­ers may move through many crews and daily punch lists. This is an espe­cially good fit for folks who have some knowl­edge of Ida, and enjoy an ele­ment of the unknown in their work party!

Struc­tural Crew

The struc­tural crew saws on the many and var­i­ous car­pen­try projects of WHSH. This is a big crew that splits up into smaller projects and teams, incor­po­rat­ing trade car­pen­ters, handy folks, and some who would like to learn the basics.…in a rugged back woods sorta way. This year, some pos­si­ble struc­tural projects could be:

  • Shoring up the Back Barn Breezeway
  • Build­ing a machine shed near the greenhouse
  • Rebuild­ing the Back House Porch, Part II
  • Putting a new ramp on the OTHER side of the footbridge

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