WHSH 2018 is coming Sept 8–16">WHSH 2018 is coming Sept 8–16

Hey y’all! We are so excited for WHSH this year and all the cool events and fundrais­ers lead­ing up to the work week! Work Hard is IDA’s annual fall work party, where we spend nine days car­ing for this land that has held so many amaz­ing queers and prepar­ing it for the win­ter. AND have a great time together doing it.

If you’re plan­ning to join us this year, please take a sec­ond to REGISTER so we can save you a spot. And whether you’re com­ing or not, con­sider SENDING US $$$ so we can buy all the tools, food, and sup­plies we’ll need.

Keep a look out for WHSH fundrais­ing events near you! Oh there isn’t one? That’s chill, throw one! The more fundrais­ers the bet­ter, we gotta feed all you freaky angels well and pay for any projects we will be work­ing on! let us know of your inter­ested in orga­niz­ing or throw­ing fundrais­ers, we’d love your help! Pre-registering helps us set our­selves, and you, up for suc­cesses, also lets us know whose com­ing so we can get really excited about host­ing you all! Very very excited!

See y’all here!

whsh 2016

Get ready! Work Hard Stay Hard 2016 is happening

Sep­tem­ber 10th — 18th !!!!!!

Please, be sure to reg­is­ter!!

check out our Ida Wish List and Dona­tion Page for ways to contribute

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